e-Trends Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What hardware and software do I need to participate in e-Trends?
A. A computer running Windows or a Mac computer with system 7.0 or higher. The only software you need is the e-Trends software, which we provide.

Q. How do I download and Install the e-Trends Software?
A. It?s easy to do! Just go to the ?download software? page and follow the instructions. Remember, after you?ve downloaded the software from the e-Trends web site, it still has to be installed. To install, double click on the file and the installation will run automatically. Repeat this process on all of the computers that people in your household use – both at home and at work.


Q. Is it easy to install e-Trends?
A. Absolutely. From start to finish, the software should take only a few minutes to install. The software is distributed with an installer that requires no configuration by the user.

Q. How does the e-Trends software know who is using the computer(s)?
A. You?ll tell it. At installation, you create a list of users. Then every time the computer user changes, you just click on the new user?s name on the list.

Q. Should everyone in the household who has access to a computer at work participate in the e-Trends program?
A. Yes. Everyone who is a member of your household and uses a computer at work qualifies to become an e-Trends member.

Q. How can I be sure the e-Trends software won?t cause ?computer problems??
A. We are aware that our members need to have absolute confidence that nothing about the e-Trends software or the data delivery process will cause them problems. So, we have quality assured and tested our software and processes extensively. We also provide you with the e-Trends Help Desk. This help desk is open 24-hours a day 7 days a week to help you with ALL of your computer questions. We can answer any question you have about e-Trends. We?ll also troubleshoot any questions you have about your hardware, software, Windows, or Macintosh. You?ll have your own experts available 24 hours a day.

Q. Will the e-Trends software interfere with my current set-up?
A. Absolutely not! For our research to be accurate, we must, in fact, be sure nothing in our software alters your computer and your normal usage patterns in any way.

Q. I work with a lot of confidential and sensitive data on my computer. Should I be concerned about installing this software?
A. Not at all. The information collected tells us what application programs you use – how often and how long. We absolutely never collect any information that is used in these programs. We do not have the ability to look at your files.

Q. What about commercial online services, World Wide Web or Internet usage?
A. Of course, these are hot areas for market research. Clients from software developers to telecommunications companies are extremely eager to know what the public wants. So, e-Trends will track your online usage in that the software ?knows? which, if any, of the commercial online services you use, what sites you visit on those services, on the web or on the Internet. Your use of the ?information superhighway? today will help determine its future.

Q. I have access to the World Wide Web at work, but I don?t visit it very often. Do you still want me to participate in e-Trends at work?
A. Yes! We are interested in all types of usage patterns. Whether you use the World Wide Web often or never, we want to know.

Q. Will the MIS department at work let me install the software on my work computer?
A. The rules and guidelines for each organization are different so we recommend that each panelist use their judgment in determining how best to satisfy company rules.

Q. Will this software run on my computer 100% reliably 100% of the time?
A. The goal of e-Trends is to work reliably in a variety of computer situations. It is very simple software that should work when installed and not create problems later on, even if the computer configuration is changed. We test the operation of the software on a variety of configurations, and have found it to be stable under most set-ups. However, it is extremely difficult to anticipate all of the potential situations. That is why we offer technical support through our 24-hour help desk at 1-800-708-0333.

Q. How often are you going to update the software?
A. Our goal is to keep updates to a minimum. However, the Web is constantly evolving, so updates to the software are expected at least quarterly. Each update will be designed to take as little effort by a member as possible.

Q. What information is collected?
A. The information collected by e-Trends is limited to the web addresses of the sites visited, how often and how long, and the application used, how often and how long. The information collected is identified by a code when it is sent to the e-Trends data collection server. The actual identity of the panelist is not sent over the Web during data delivery. e-Trends does not actually know the name or location of the business from which the panelist has Web access. The computer is identified as a work computer by a code, not by any specific identifying name for the business.

Q. What LAN/Internet requirements does it have?
A. As long as the Internet connection is configured so that the proxy address can be modified, there should be no special requirements to run e-Trends software.

e-Trends Guarantees

We are members of TRUSTe, an online organization whose mission is to establish trust and confidence in electronic transactions. Online privacy and security of online users is its primary goal. All the information you give us will be:
compiled and reported on an aggregate, anonymous, non-individualized basis
guaranteed to be completely private
guaranteed not to be given to anyone or any other company (no mail, no e-mail, no phone calls)
e-Trends guarantees that:

We will never put you on mailing lists.
We will never disclose who you are, where you live, or any information about you or your household members, to any third party.
We will never divulge how you, as an individual, use your computer.
We will send you ?thank you? gifts as long as you continue to participate.
Our software is quick to download.
Your participation lets you contribute to defining products and services.
As long as you are an active participant you will be entered into monthly drawings. Learn more about the monthly drawings.
You will have Members Only Access to our 24-hour, 7 day Help Desk that can be used for any computer hardware or software question or problem. Learn more about the Help Desk
In short, e-Trends promises to make your opinions count in an easy, quick way without risk to you.

At e-trends, our success depends on having your trust and continued participation.

e-Trends Privacy Statement

What personally identifiable information of yours is collected?

e-Trends collects personal information (such as names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses) , demographic information and some business information. We will never disclose this information to anyone. e-Trends stores your information on a database that isn?t accessible by Web surfers or by the companies that are our customers.

How is your information used?

Results are compiled into summarized data that ensure your privacy. Our clients never know who the individuals are in e-Trends. They only know the characteristics of the people who visit their sites, such as how many men age 25-49 visited their site last week. Your personal identifying information will only be used to contact you regarding your involvement in e-Trends (gifts, newsletters, survey participation and software upgrades). Remember, your name will never be shared with any third party, and no one will contact you to sell you anything as a result of your participation in e-Trends.

What organization is collecting your information?

The only organization that collects your information is e-Trends. e-Trends pledges that your personal information will never be sold, shared, traded or given to any outside company for any reason.

With whom may the information be shared?

Summarized data is packaged in the form of a report and sold to companies interested in effectively and efficiently improving the Computer and Internet Industry. This includes advertisers, ad agencies, Web publishers and other related businesses.

Membership in e-Trends allows your voice to be heard! You?ll know you?re making a difference in how the Computer and Internet Industries evolve. Membership means that you are helping to define the products, services and features available to all computer users.
e-Trends will never put you on any mailing lists.
e-Trends will never divulge how you, as an individual, use your computer.
e-Trends? clients will never know which members visited their web site.
e-Trends will never disclose who you are, where you live, or any information about you to a third party.
e-Trends technical support will be available to answer your questions and make your membership a fun, pleasant experience.

What choices are available to you regarding collection, use and distribution of the information?

e-Trends is a completely voluntary program. You may cancel at any time with a simple phone call, but we hope you won?t.

What kind of security procedures are in place to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of information under e-Trends? control?

e-Trends protects our members? information through the following measures:
e-Trends will always encrypt your member ID number before it is sent through eD. This ensures that your information can never be traced back to you.
e-Trends combines your usage information with the information of thousands of other e-Trends members before our reports are produced.
e-Trends will never disclose who you are, where you live, or any information about you to a third party.

About e-Trends software

Once you have been selected for membership, you can download the patented e-Trends software. The installation will only take a couple of minutes – we promise! Then you are on your way to making YOUR opinions count.

Once installed, the e-Trends software runs quietly in the background, keeping track of the web addresses you visit and the applications you use. You?ll hardly know it?s there.

To make YOUR opinions count, the e-Trends software delivers your usage information to the secure e-Trends Opinion Database. The e-Trends software on your computer contacts the e-Trends Opinion Database when you go online. Once connected, the e-Trends software sends your usage information from your computer to the e-Trends Opinion Database. You can be sure that your information will never be linked back to your name.

What happens next?
Download and install the e-Trends software on your computer. It’s easy.
The software will start automatically each time your Windows session begins.
Select the name of the current user from a list you can create and control.
The software reduces to an icon and runs in the background.
Use your computer as usual. e-Trends records what applications you use and what sites you visit, but it NEVER collects any of your private, personal information!

Finally, there’s a way for you to influence technology decision-makers!

Internet service providers, web site sponsors, software developers, advertisers, retailers, manufacturers and online service providers all want to know what you find valuable and useful. What programs you really use. What web sites you visit. What online services you really like.


It?s an Opportunity to Make Your Voice Heard

You?re part of an exclusive group of computer users invited to join this patented, one-of-a-kind program sponsored by Media Metrix, Inc. Our goal is to accurately reflect how people like you are using computers.

To give the computer industry an accurate picture of what computer users REALLY want, we need ALL TYPES of users. It doesn?t matter if you use your computer a little or a lot. Or what you use it for.

If you use a personal computer (IBM or MAC) we need you.

It?s Easy and Takes Virtually Zero Effort
All you need to do is download and install the patented, free e-Trends software on all of the computers you use. The installation process will take just a couple of minutes. The e-Trends software only keeps track of the web addresses you visit and the applications you use. Important: Each person must download and install the e-Trends software on every computer that they use, both at home and at work.

That?s all there is to it. Virtually zero effort – plus you get free gifts and entries in monthly drawings – all while making your opinions count!

Protecting your privacy is as important to everyone at e-Trends as it is to you.
Name, address, telephone number and e-mail address are confidential
The identifying information that you provide will NEVER be shared with any company or person for any reason other than conducting e-Trends business. That information remains secure with e-Trends and will not be shared, traded or sold to any other commercial firms or agencies. You will never receive junk mail – printed or electronic – or unsolicited phone calls as a result of your participation in e-Trends. Even your participation in the panel is a secret that we don’t share with anyone outside of our Company.

The Web sites you visit and applications you use are anonymous

Computer usage information is identified in a separate database only by an ID number, so that sites visited are not associated to a name, even by the e-Trends people who maintain the database.